Software as a Service

We provide tried and tested applications such as (HRMS, CRMS, DMS and Incident Reporting Systems) to you as reliable and yet cost-effective web solutions. These systems have been used in different industries of oil and gas, accounting, law and construction amongst others.

Our hosted solutions have its own track record and we are pleased to provide them to you as a web application.

Custom Services

From requirements gathering to designing, development, testing and implementation. We strive to implement security together with stringent management processes to ensure that the system developed would be in accordance with what you require.

Managed Services

We establish a single point of support for your company's Information Technology infrastructure that allows your end users to troubleshoot problems, track issues and get assistance regarding your hardware and software needs.

Web and Cloud Services

We provide web and cloud services utilizing either dedicated or shared server (multi-tenant) cloud hosting solutions based on cloud platform to facilitate in the hosting of websites, files or email clients as well as cloud services such as Storage as a Service (StaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Container as a Service (CaaS).