5 Ways Document Management System can Transform Businesses

RMA Infoworks 5 Ways Document Management System can Transform Businesses

5 Ways Document Management System can Transform Businesses

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Document Management involves the process and procedure taken daily to capture, store, secure and retrieve information. A system set up for managing the documents via Cloud‐based Storage or Document Management System (DMS) simplifies the entire process for easy, quick and secure access to important documents stored electronically.

This article will explain five ways how both small and large businesses can benefit immensely just by transforming the system of managing documents:

1. Efficient Cost and Time Management

While many companies may opt for the traditional way of storing hard-copy documents, in the long run, this may be a waste of space, money and time. Document Management System makes it easier for businesses to store their scanned documents, as well as merge these documents with other imported digital files into a single hub or a SaaS cloud‐based DMS server. While unnecessary incur of expenses on equipment and materials like printers, copiers, fax machines, paper and ink cartridges, deploying an electronic document management system only bears a minimal cost in comparison to manually managing physical records. Additionally, employees will be able to retrieve business‐critical information within seconds and even without leaving the workstation.

2. Better Accessibility through File Sharing Feature

DMS enables file sharing, which allows an employee to access, share, collaborate and update the same records simultaneously with their colleagues, regardless of their location. A user with granted access can also monitor and control document sharing and sharing of files through links, documents published on the web or reports sent as password-protected files to third‐party stakeholders. Moreover, information on who has viewed or edited specific data or files can also be traced in identifying process errors and inefficiencies.

3. Seamless Integration and Rapid Deployment

DMS, such as Cloud‐based SaaS only requires a simple web browser internet connection and minimal IT assistance to be deployed at the Client's end. While the upgrades and updates are also made available automatically, some DMS solutions can also be integrated with an existing application that allows seamless information to flow between diverse platforms. In addition to saving time and effort, it also maintains data integrity and accuracy of the documents. DMS also supports email integration, which enables direct sending of files or documents to customers, vendors and stakeholders.

4. Regulatory Compliance, High Security

Data or document management in most industries require strict compliance and rigid requirement for data confidentiality. Therefore, DMS solutions or systems would undergo a stringent auditing process to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS 584:2015). A DMS safeguards confidential business information through rigorous security policies and only allows authorized users alone to view specific files or documents.

In cases of disasters like fire or flooding, DMS ensures your business‐critical data are kept intact and serve as a reliable back-up for business continuity.

5. Environmental Sustainability

A DMS does more than automating the workflow processes by helping businesses to "Go Green" as part of being environmentally sustainable. By replacing printing and manual filing with the scanning process, DMS and Cloud Storage reduce carbon footprints and eliminates wastage of paper to help preserve trees. Being environmentally sustainable can also elevate business brand images and better return on investment (ROI).

Every type of business, be it small‐medium enterprises or large organisations need to manage huge amount of data or documents and make them available to employees and other stakeholders at the right time. Choose a document management system now that will help you streamline the entire process and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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